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Originally Posted by DMafia46 View Post
I hate liars, i hate people who act like someone they are not. If you cant afford or do not have the higher end model its okay it doesnt make you any less of a human. BUT BUT if you stick a m3 badge on a 320i thats a big no no , ( in this case i saw a 335i badge) You can add whatever you like neons crome accents all over the car leds that light up your name when you brake or even a 12" fart cannon on the back aslong as you run 320i on the back or whatever you have i wont give a fuck. /end rant

Funny Story (a week back)
Im in my friends M3 sitting sitting at a light waiting for traffic to clear to make a right turn. We turn and end up being behind a E46 coupe with a M3 badge on it. Now we are at the next lights and i notice in the paint in the sunlight where the badge suppose to be it reads 323i. My first reaction was to take a pic but my phone was full so no pic. We pull up to another light now i tell my boy to pull up next to him.

Me:Hey sweet ride
Poser: Thanks i have had it for about 15 years. Ive had it since it came out, one owner bro
Me: umm ok that is very interesting what year did you get it in
Me: pahahahahahaha dude get that fucking badge off your 323i, you can see the old badge imprint in your paint. * we drive off

about twenty minutes later no joke this guy is in the same mcdonalds parking lot and pulls up next to us and says
hey i was joking but its engine swapped with a m3 motor.
Me:So how many horses you got, you obviously dynod it after the swap right?
Poser: ye ye i had it chipped and intake and exhaust and lightened it weight reduction like crazy it weighs like nothing now.
Poser: ye ye that too
Me: auto?
Poser: Naw they got mad problems i got the 5 speed manual
Dont be like this kid , you dont know then you dont know please dont embarass yourself
look at you hanging out the passenger side of your best friends ride.