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Originally Posted by E46toE90 View Post
I've searched and can't find to much info

I have a 2006 e90, I want to change the turn signal bulbs in the headlights to LEDS. Do I need 1157 or 7507?

eBay has some led bulbs, some are pretty big is their a length restriction ?

do I buy any type of resistors for the bulbs or are their special ones needed ?

Do I still have to code the car ?

How about the signal light bulbs ok the fenders do they need resistors ,

if you can't find a 7507, you could modify an 1156 bulb to fit. Don't get 1157 as they are dual contact.
I believe resistors are not needed once the car has been coded.
The fender signals don't need resistors. any led bulb would fit but would flicker on start up.
I just ordered a set of bulbs that was mentioned on the forum off ebay and will be doing a review when they get here.

Originally Posted by E46toE90 View Post
I heard 2006 are the worst years regarding bulb out errors

might as well add all the questions how about the reverse bulbs ?
there's no LED out that exceeds stock light output while fitting into the housing. HIDs would be the only option. search Dimsum

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