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Originally Posted by orangedawg View Post
Thought we could have a sub-section on how to do this so we don't have to search through main coding thread. It looks like someone has figured out how to code halogen for xenon and also have high beam function. All credit should go to DIMSUM, DESI4LIFE10, and Junior (sorry if I have the names wrong) and everyone else who helped!!!!!! on this and the other BMW forum that is linked below. No credit should go to me as I have done nothing on this convert and truly give all props to the experts! I just wanted to make this thread to make it easier to find. Also, if anyone has any additional information on this retrofit, please post here if you wish. Thanks to all who have helped and solved this issue!!


Got the high beams to turn on again (Thanks DIMSUM).

It isn`t the same command line as the older models.

When you add the xenon lights in the VO option, this line gets updated to this:


With this setup, the high beams gets switched to your xenons and since we don`t have that bi-xenon wire setup, you lose the high beam feature. What you want to do is get the halogen bulb to be you high beam like old times.
In order to do this, you need to first add the xenon option in the VO $522.
If you start the car up after this, you will get the self leveling error because by default, the leveling feature is usually installed with the xenon lights.

No problem.
Using ncs expert, go into the frm module and look for this line


change it to


To get the halogen bulb to act as high beams, change the line I outlined at the start of this post to this:


You must have both those lines there.

Voila, you have retrofitted your xenons. You can then tap the high beam wire (for your halogen) to your xenon shutter wire to get the bi-xenon feature.

This is for the bmw e90 cars (although it should be the same (not 100% sure) for the 1 series and X3).

Thanks guys for your help.

Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk. Vehicle coding should be done with the proper tools and knowledge.

Originally Posted by orangedawg
I have a 2007 328xi (build date 02/07) and I'm about to do this exact conversion and would like to know the answer as well. Also, I'm going to use OEM pre-lci US xenon housings, OEM ballasts and D1s bulbs, with adaptive modules (I have the OEM adaptive module as well, not to be confused with self-leveling). Did you use adaptive headlights? And if so, does the adaptive work? I understand self leveling won't as neither you nor I have installed the levelers on the suspension, I'm just curious if the adaptive part works if you have OEM adaptive modules. Thanks!

So long as you have the adaptive module that comes with the headlights (judging by you post, you should have em) it should work.

A VO number does exist for just adaptive headlights (still need to add the xenon headlight VO $522). The VO code for adaptive headlights is $524 (according to the vo code list )

The adaptive feature takes angle readings from your steering wheel, which should do the trick (not 100% sure though). Hope this helps.
Just to clarify, if I get a set of adaptive bi-xenons I will be able to retrofit them into my 2011 halogen 328xi and I should have no errors and adaptive functionality? I understand that leveling will not work. Am I correct here?