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Originally Posted by bmmakela View Post
So the Lexerd screen film arrived today and I applied it to my iDrive screen with mixed results. The anti-glare scratches were certainly less noticeable, and invisible from some angles, but not gone. It also took me three attempts to apply the film, which rolled up a bit in one corner from taking it on and off.

The particular film I bought was Crystal Clear, and didn't realize until afterward that they sell an Anti-Glare film, so the surface was too shiny. Between the rolled edge and shiny surface, I removed the film.

I bought two more films, this time the Anti-Glare version, and will give it one more try ($37). If the Anti-Glare has a matte finish, and I'm able to apply at least one of the two that I bought without having to reposition multiple times, I think it will be a good solution.

If you have no chance of getting the dealer to replace the screen, then I think this is actually a low cost option to make it more tolerable.

Will let you know how round two goes!
I'm assuming the dealer wasn't any help?

I don't mind tolerating the scuffs my main concern is when I return the car to BMW in less then a year, will I have to pay for a new display.
If the Anti-Glare screen protector works, it's only a temporary fix until I take it in, in which case I believe they'll notice it.

Agh, this is so stressful.