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Charge Pipe DIY in easy steps - instructions

Seeing and hearing a lot of people having a problem with the charge pipe install... its actually extremely easy and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes including taking some parts that need to be out of your way and reinstalling them as well

Here are a few easy steps to install the pipe

!!!)So important it comes before #1!!! ) Take the time to remove anything that may be in your way of having good clearance and comfort in changing/modifying anything.
Have proper tools. These two things cause a lot of head ache if the time isn't taken to do and will extend your head ache and your time of install by a ton!

The steps begin with the install of a new charge pipe, not removal of stock/previous charge pipe

1) fit the silicone housing (will refer to as SH) on the tube connected to your FMIC, that tube gets a bit thicker and stops the SH, slide it down until that point and stop. don't try to push it over that point, make sure all the way around it touching that point
2) put the both clamps over it (do not tighten it)
3) while holding the pipe connected to your FMIC, insert the charge pipe to the other end of the SH and adjust it by turning it to make sure that you are getting the screw place matching as well as the other end in the correct position to be put in (do not put it in yet)
3.5) this is only if you want to do it, I did not do it this way but it may help make sure the screw will be screwed in. Put either the mid-pipe support screw or some long screw in the hole made in the CP and your car to give the pipe less wiggle room
4) while holding the hose connected to your FMIC, press your charge pipe into the silicone (put some pressure in pushing back against this with the hose connected to FMIC as well to get tight fitment)
5) see that things are still aligned, pop the other end of your charge pipe in
6) feel around on the SH to make sure you feel both pipes are inside as much as they could be
7) clamp it down as TIGHT as you can on the charge pipe end, and as tight as you can on your FMIC pipe end (this is plastic, so be cautious)
8) tighten middle screw
9) plug in MAP sensor
10) Re-install all parts taken out or moved to do this install
11) Smile !

I recommend the ER charge pipe because it is extremely durable and is one of the few which has the a place for the OEM support screw and factory style o-ring throttle body lock flange.

**I'm not responsible for any damage prior/during/after installation, or any decisions made to modify the car. Work at your own risk and a professional is always recommended. This is just my "2 cents" of the install

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