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Which setup is better? Desperately need expert help!


I am considering two upgrades to my existing system and really want some of your thoughts on each one.

Currently i have the ms-8, with a vibe slick 4 as the centre channel, hooked up in my base system. all speakers apart from the vibe are stock. i now want to add components and a 4/5 channel amp powering the components and woofers and maybe the centre vibe.

1st setup

For this option i would add an alpine pdx-f6 which would give me 150wrms x 4 @ 14.4 volts (so a bit less at 12.5v). I would also add morel dotech ovation II 4" components which are rated 100wrms but i think would be happy with a bit more power this amp will give. the other two channels would be turned down a little to give roughly 80w rms to my stock 6.5" woofers (like the oem alpine upgrade). The centre channel and rears would have to be left to ms-8 power.

2nd setup

For this setup i would add a jl xd600/6 which would give me 60wrms x 6 @ 12.5v. So a lot lower/channel than the alpine. I would have to get some different components that are rated at 50wrms (focals/rainbows not really sure) which would have a channel each. the underseats would receive a little less power at 60wrms each. The centre vibe would be powered nicely by 60wrms. the last channel i would leave disconnected and the rears would be left to the ms-8.

So these are my two options. The first set up will give me better quality components, more power but my centre channel will be on ms-8 power. I dont think this will be too much of a problem it should still be audible? not saying that this will definately happen, but personally i dont really like a narrow front stage. The second setup i will have the front 5 channels all amplified but with less power and lower quality components. i may be wrong.

My gut feeling is to go with the first option as a) it has more power (and headroom which is good?!) and better quality components and b) IF i upgrade woofers at a later date, the alpine would have sufficient power for them.

I would be really interested to hear what u guys think of these two set ups.