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Hates Posers

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I dunno why you'd private message me but I'll share it with everyone anyway.

I was a little surprised that you're so picky about your sentence structures. I didn't know that having any grammatical errors would cause you to not understand. However, seeing that you made YOUR own grammatical error when you replied to me in YOUR thread with the wrong "you're" made it very clear that you're indeed stupid.

damn son, maybe that's why you have such ugly fenders on your car!

I pm'd you because i didnt want to bump this thread, but i guess you couldnt understand that. Do you think i really give a fuck about your or you're atleast it got the message across. Go back and find where i made the mistake. Please PM me lol . Im dying your too jokes.
Also I have ugly fenders on my car? i dont think i ever posted a pic of my cars on this forum. Or are you being sacrastic i cant tell.
_ troll out ezz