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Talking 2012 Socal MEET | just hang'n out in da RAIN

There are alot of meets in Socal but the ones
I have fond memories of are the ones held at
Star Burgers. Bmw enthusiasts coming out,
talk'n cars, checking out mods, shoot'n the chit,
having a good time.

When Socal said good bye to it's long time home
at Stars - Socal bmw meets were never the same.
Try'n to replicate that same energy, that atmosphere
is close to impossible. One can only try to rebuild
a new friendly meeting place in hopes of bringing out the community.

And try'n, I figured why not a chicken wing meet on Wednesday -
forecast cloudy with a chance of rain...

"I'm 2 for 2 with meets that end up in rain."

And for those that knew the owner of Star Burgers -
Steve, a forum member, past'd away recently
and Wednesday's meet was dedicated to him.
A great guy that help'd create a small haven amongst
socal bmw enthusiasts.

--Steve u'll be missed, but not

Here are some picts -
all handheld, u can see the storm roll'n in.

Creaminz and I hijack'd LTBMW's mod'd F30
to grab some wings and meet some forum members.
where' are our bimmers? pm IvanX to find out.
Name:  _MG_9569.jpg
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Cars started to roll in as quickly as the clouds did.
Name:  _MG_9570.jpg
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wheels and a drop
the most dramatic cosmetic mod u can do to ur bimmer
paint'd reflectors next i hope... "wink - wink"
Name:  _MG_9571.jpg
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What color are these cars?
Long time socal member Law stop'd by.
track setup - te37 with camber boi!
Name:  _MG_9572.jpg
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it is what it is - dayum!
Name:  _MG_9575.jpg
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mod'd front bumpers
Members check'n the F30 interior.
was hope'n 2 see another f30.
Name:  _MG_9579.jpg
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light show.
his alarm kept goin' off.
set on sensitive - i would too beautiful 5er
Name:  _MG_9584.jpg
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F30 trunk is spacious -
LT ur trunk smell like chicken wings bro!
Name:  _MG_9586.jpg
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Start'n to get dark -
bimmers line em' up.
Name:  _MG_9587.jpg
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not a bad turn out -
i like a well proportioned meet - not to intimidating.
u can talk to people, walk around check out mods.
Name:  _MG_9588.jpg
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Saigon made it out -
old forum member - he just made it too.
not a few hours before the meet I saw his car
get'n surgery at Longs -
Name:  _MG_9589.jpg
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not only can u see JB from a mile away u can
hear him too. Law enforcement may have given
up on him.
dat a boi, back it up - he's been to a couple of meets.
Name:  _MG_9592.jpg
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This is Strife's M3 .
He's prob piss because i didn't take a pict of his car
from the outside. and this shot, i don't even know wtf.
lol. it's his stealth sound system.
Old forum member - he remembers Stars.
i'll get ur bimmer next time, when u get that Varis Diffuser on.
Name:  _MG_9594.jpg
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CRZ profile
Name:  _MG_9596.jpg
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Creaminz did a dance and made it rain.
umbrella, now who came prepared... lol ftw.
Name:  _MG_9597.jpg
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E90s (been gone but not forgotten) KW clubsports 18" BBS GT4 // Build E30 (pending) + E46 M3 Wagon ESTORIL Blue

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