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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
I see 0-60 of 0.1 sec close enough for me

So you are saying there is virtually 2 secs diff from 60 -100?
I think it varies mate from 1.5-2 seconds to 100mph.

I can tell you of another example. R34 GT-R and B5 RS4 monster the E46 M3 0-60 by like 0.4 tenths. By 100mph the M3 has passed the Nissan and is = with the RS4, by 130mph the M3 is 5 seconds in front of the Nissan and 1.5 secs ahead of RS4. ( all recorded by EVO mag, May 2001)

0-60 only tells a tiny bit, once upti higher speeds higher power does show it's hand!
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