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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
0-60 only tells a tiny bit, once upti higher speeds higher power does show it's hand!
Yes agreed. Shame you cant really use it though legally in this country.

Just come across some more figures for a 330d and 335d.

These look like actual figures submitted by people rather then a real test, but I guess gives a rough idea.

Again, its showing the diff between 0-60 of 0.1 sec, which agrees with BMW's data.

But the 0-100 is only 1.1 secs diff and the 335d quarter time is 13.8s which is about what you got as standard tune if I remember? So the 335d cant be that far out on its figures.

Anyway don’t matter really, its only pub talk.

Interesting point to note heres the older pre-LCI 330d driven by the same guy as the one above but note the 0-60 is 6.8s. Shows how nippy the LCI 330d is: