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Originally Posted by dopper99 View Post
Yes agreed. Shame you cant really use it though legally in this country.

Just come across some more figures for a 330d and 335d.

These look like actual figures submitted by people rather then a real test, but I guess gives a rough idea.

Again, its showing the diff between 0-60 of 0.1 sec, which agrees with BMW's data.

But the 0-100 is only 1.1 secs diff and the 335d quarter time is 13.8s which is about what you got as standard tune if I remember? So the 335d cant be that far out on its figures.

Anyway donít matter really, its only pub talk.

Interesting point to note heres the older pre-LCI 330d driven by the same guy as the one above but note the 0-60 is 6.8s. Shows how nippy the LCI 330d is:
Yeah, not overly sure how accurate those kind of websites are.

But looks about right, so from (0.1)-(1.1) secs pulled from 60-100mph. Just imagne how much the 335d would pull from the 330d over 100mph.

Either way, both epicary (between Epic & Legendary) cars for sure

When you think, a Standard Focus RS does 0-100 in 14 something secs, Focus ST & Astra VXR in the high 15's etc.
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