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I was in the same position as you just this past Saturday when I installed my CDV. Install was easy but took me a while to bleed the clutch. It sucked b/c I had never done it before and I was calling around asking ppl what to do when I couldn't get good instructions by searching on the forums.

You need 2 people to do this! One person pumping the clutch from inside the car (your friend). And you will be underneath the car opening and closing the bleeder valve (use an 11mm wrench or 11mm socket / ratchet).

Have your friend pump the clutch 5-10 times then HOLD it down. While he is still holding it down, open up the bleeder valve (about 1 full turn). When it's opened, the air bubbles and brake / clutch fluid will spew out. Once it's out, tighten the bleeder valve. Make sure you don't over tighten it! Once the bleeder valve is closed, your friend can release the clutch. Repeat this about 3-4 times until you feel pressure in the clutch pedal again.