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Recommendations for Wheels (rims) for a 328 09 LCI

Hi peep's,

I was wanting to put on some black wheels on my Sapphire Metallic Black 328i sedan 2009 LCI with the sports package. Here is what I have on the car so far:
  • Glossy Black Kidney Grills
  • Black window tints and blacked out pillars between the doors
  • Red scoops

What I am wanting to achieve is a blacked out theme and I want to now get a new set of Black colored wheels. Right now I have the stock ones that come with the car (I don't know what size they are - 17 or 18 - they definitely are not 19's)

I wanted to get suggestions on the following:
  • what is a good shop to buy the wheels from in South Bay (San Jose, CA area - I don't mind going upto San Francisco and upto Pleasanton on the east side).
  • Matt/Poweder coated or Glossy?
  • I ideally want one with a red lining on the outer part of the rim so that it goes with the red scoops that I have - any suggestions on that?
  • What size is recommended considering that I have RFT on my current one's and I would rather avoid buying new RFT's also and just buy new wheel's and save some money

Thanks for the help and suggestions in advance guys.

P.S.: I have attached the picture of the car before I did any mod's to it - mainly to give an idea of the wheels that I have on it.
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