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Sirius screen frozen!! HELP!

Wow, I expected problems getting a bimmer, but not after day 5!!... So I'm listening to Howard Stern driving (nav version btw, and it is on the "details" screen) when i try to change the station with my idrive knob. The "back arrow" is highlighted and i press down on the knob. Nothing..I go down one level "where the name of the station is displayed. Press that..the highlighting goes away, all menus are now NOT highlighted.. i try to move up, down, left, right, turn the wheel, press again, NOTHING!... The only thing i was able to do to get it to unfreeze was hit the menu button, which brought me to the home screen...i go back to the entertainment by shifting the knob down, and it goes back to the "details" screen... i try to do the same thing and the same issue happens... Here's some other tidbits i have after playing around with it...

1. All other iDrive functions work fine - No Problems
2. I can change the station by pressing Up/Down on the steering wheel or left/right on the center console.
3. I can switch to CD/AUX/AM/FM by pressing the AM/FM button on the console or the mode button on the steering wheel. Once in any of those, everything works... But as soon as I select SAT again in the idrive screen, it goes back to the "Details" screen (p.s. details update in sat mode even when i change channels using the steering wheel buttons)...
4. I have ALREADY RESET THE IDRIVE using the two eject buttons + Radio power button.. didnt work..

Like seriously.. WTF.. i certainly didnt have problems like this in my previous car (lexus).. I heard horror stories about bmw, but thought it wouldnt happen to me and that they were exaggerating. Well, its been 5 days and i have to take the car into the shop.. id rather NOT have free service and never have to bring it in than have free service and bring it in every 5 days ! lol.. oh well.. other than this i love the car, its a pleasure to drive...

Can anyone offer any help? Anything else other than the two button reset i can try??