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I was reluctant to go class D

I was reluctant to go class D, it took me awhile to go to CD's to.
But the xd sounds very good responds well across the entire frequency range. You could also get one or two of the higher
power JL's I hear the HD Series wins car shows.
If you are going to go for class AB consider a Zapco

The more exotic amps are not as well reviewed an it starts to get into
the boutique custom electronics area not to mention the cost.

The Jl's accept the balanced inputs from the stock head unit no questions
asked they are small and compact and in the case of the xd fit perfectly in the
stock location and have the exact number of channels( xd 600/6 )for a Hi Fi replacement.
This may not apply to you if you already have an ms-8 .
Jl is very well regarded in the US.

If you have the room for an amp with more power and the money
to get by all means go for it. Its the old question of price performance.

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