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I'm certainly not in a bubble! Yes, I understand it will be watched by billions but not one person I have spoken to inside the UK gives a flying proverbial! I mean £9.3bn is a ridiculous spend of money in economic climates like this. All for what? So some athletes (whom I do have respect for) push themselves to the limits. Meh, maybe I'm just bitter but it's also asking for a terrorist threat isn't it... I sincerely hope there isn't but it wouldn't surprise me if there was at least a "bomb scare".
Just my opinion though...
Call us names all you want. We said the exact same things before going into the 2010 Winter Olympics that took place in Vancouver. It ended up to be great, and the consensus after the games is that it was money worth spending. The infrastructure built for the games (new Skytrain line, Vancovuer <-> Whistler highway upgrade, Olympic speed skating oval converted multi purpose facility) have all been well used afterwards.

From wiki:
A final audit conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers released in December 2010 revealed total operation cost to have been $1.84 billion and came in on budget resulting in neither surplus nor deficit. Construction of venues also came on budget with a total cost of $603 million.[13]

PricewaterhouseCoopers' study estimated a total contribution to the BC economy of $2.5 billion of Gross Domestic Product, and as well created 45,000 jobs and contributed an additional $463 million to the tourism industry while venue construction by VANOC and 3rd parties added $1.22 billion to the economy.

Yes, Canada have hosted epic failed Olympics before (Calgary, Montreal). So it can be good and it can be bad. It's all on the execution.
Excuse me? I'm not calling anybody "names" as I want, merely expressing my opinion on the London 2012 Olympic Games. I'm glad Vancouver still manage to utilise their stadium but I think an outlay of £9.3bn for some grunting athletes to push themselves in a new UK stadium is absolutely mental, criminal even, when we have so many other serious problems that need addressing such as poverty and homelessness - on which we spend >£20bn already per year. As mentioned by another poster, businesses are going to be hindered through even simple things like traffic on the road! London and the south will be in absolute meltdown. Then the oxbow lake special of pollution and "sustainable ecoism" - smog city!! I could go on!

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