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mid-corner fun

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Your observations are spot on, for street driving. The profile changes drastically at the track where you sprint to 130 once or twice per lap followed by a series of low to mid-speed corners. Rinse and repeat for 25 minutes.

I see 2 options in your future:
1. You'll observe lower than street water temps on the main track straight due to increased airflow, followed by very high-temps at the esses(reduced airflow), but please do not look down to verify, focus on the turn itself. It's during those turns with reduced airflow that you'll come dangerously close to limp mode limits, usually within 5C.
2. If ambient temp is 90F+ none of this matters as the system gets saturated and water temps will stay at 105C+ all the time

Since you've read the thread you know of some preventive measures you can take to prep for the event, hope all goes well for you. Enjoy and let us know how it goes.