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Originally Posted by Guvernator View Post
I tried to sell my OH's car last year. Let me just say that after 3 very frustrating months of dealing with time wasters, dreamers, test pilots, and "what's your best price bruv innits" I gave up and traded it in. Yes I probably got about 700-800 less than I would have from a private sale but in the end the hassle free nature of it was well and truly worth it.
And of course depends upon how valuable your time is.
I suspect I would never mess about for a few grand, but might be encouraged to spend eight hours for, say, 15k.

The easiest car sale I ever had was the one I was dreading the most.
An early Subaru impreza.
Sold to the first arrival, in cash.

The one I was looking to enjoy was a much higher priced and niche market S2000.
I nearly punched one idiot after taking three hours of my life.