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Originally Posted by Estimated Prophet View Post
I'm really looking forward to test driving one tomorrow. I loved the 2012 335i I drove and will be interested in how the 335is stacks up against the newer generation. I'm a little concerned about buying a car at the end of it's life cycle but at least they should have all of the early problems and teething pains worked out by this point. Who knows, maybe by tomorrow at this time I'll be on the way to joining you E92 owners
I think you will enjoy the 335is better. I had the 2011 335i & test drove the new 2012 335i. Performance wise, the cars felt the same. The new design is great! whats not too like, new rear and side cameras, heads up display, & the cup holders are way better! However, once you hear the exhaust of the 335is and feel yourself getting pushed back into your seat as the car changes gears very smoothly, you will forget about the 2012 335i!
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