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ok the soundstream idea has been binned....

wow, around 80% of the posts ive read would take the xd over either of the alpines, f4 or the f6. ive read other threads on diyma etc, and most ppl reccommend the xd.

is this because everyone got off the old pdx's cos of noise issues and got jl's? as i think the new ones must surely be better? the F6 has been on various threads as a comparison to a JL HD. So surely it must be better than a XD?

i just cant get my head around buying an amp which has about half the power, a lower damping factor, a narrower frequency response and a lower singnal/noise ratio. Ive read somewhere that these factors are important to class d amps.

the only positives i can see in the XD is that i get one 2 more channels and its smaller; but these aren't important to me