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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
If that were the case we'd all end up buying the same high spec amps
amps do sound different, and specs don't tell you everything
some people swear by tube amps, even though, spec wise, they don't compare to modern amps.

You make a good point. Im just in the near impossible situation of choosing an amp without hearing them. So i think i'd be a bit silly ignoring the views of loads of bmw owners, and not just from this forum.
Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
So that is there area of concentration. They are noted to under spec there
product and considered more honest about what they put out . I would suggest you visit there website and zapco's website. Try to find some reviews on cnet or some of the technical review sites.

You also make a good point. I'll have a look at zapcos but their website isn't the greatest and some of the pages just don't load up
So, i just want to clear out a couple of things on the XD so I can be confident that it will give me what i want:

1) If i decide to bridge some XD channels. How would i wire it up so that say the ms-8 channel 3, which is currently my left woofer, goes into the xd and comes out bridged? Would i wire an rca from the ms-8 channel 3 into the channel 1 XD input, leave channel 2 XD input blank, and then id be able to bridge the channel 1 nd 2 output? Then for the right side woofer, do the same but use channel 3 XD input and bridge the 3rd and 4th output? I'll just bridge if i feel the morels or woofers feel underpowered, but from what you guys are saying it should be fine.

2) Will the XD fit under the boot floor, on the left hand side of the bluetooth module?

3) Does the ms-8 do everything on externally amped channels except amplify them?