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Need help with tpms adapters

My car has been at vac motorsports in Philly for the last week and a half because we can't find tpms adapters that fit on my new wheels. The wheels are d2forged fms-03 in 18" (they are forged 2 piece wheels) and they have the tpms hole in the center of the wheel. The oem valve stem is too long and it hits the brake caliper. They have tried 90 degree adapters and the short stubby adapters from iforged and neither worked. They ordered a strap kit from ford and I was told today that didn't work either. The person I usually talk to at vac was absent due to a family emergency so I am unsure why the straps didn't work. I have seen strap kits with adapter brackets and I'm wondering if that's what I need or if there are 45 degree adapters or anything else that will work. If anyone has any leads or experience with a good strap kit or other solution I am open to suggestion. It has been frustrating to say the least.