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Originally Posted by costa316 View Post
Didn't help that Fleury stunk out the joint either. Canadians used to have the best goaltenders in the world, but now with Fleury, Luongo, and Brodeur (to a lesser extent due to age) stinking out the joints, hard to put any CDN goalie in the top 10.
You were saying?

43 stops to get to round two for the "old" man.

Originally Posted by costa316 View Post
Brodeur is probably top3 all time, but right now it would be hard to place him as one of the top 10 goalies in the league at this moment in time. All I'm saying is if the winter Olympics were next year, Canada would be mediocore at best between the pipes when historically they were top notch.
Top 3???

Who the heck do you have ahead of him???