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Thank you.
I have a 2011 BMW 328i (value package only). I really want to get an in dash unit which offers features like navigation\bluetooth\rear view camera.
I have been doing lot of research over the past few days and from various forums, i closed in on two models. Dynavin D99 and Kenwood DNX6990HD.
Dynavin looks perfect in the car with oem look, but i have seen several bad reviews about installation problems and android problems.

I went to Kenwood webiste and looked at the installation instructions for 6990.It sas to install this unit --
*Permanent modifications to the factory radio/heater controls are required in order to install this Crutchfield kit.
*If the factory radio is replaced, the factory AUX input connection will be lost.
*Kit cannot be used if the vehicle is equipped with heated seats
*You will need to run a wire from the radio location to your vehicle's fusebox for a source of accessory power.

Are these major problems??? my car is still under factory warranty, so i dont want the installation to disturb to my factory unit.

Can you also post the pics of your car with kenwood unit.

please provide feedback about installation, performance.
It would be really helpful to me to take a decision.

Also, i live in San Diego. Any recommendation of good installation shops??

Please please please help..