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I have an LCI but won't do it yet due to warranty.

I made enquiries and it seems most of the 'regular' tuners will do it but it is ECU out ...

DMS were the dearest I spoke to but seemed to understand the car more when talking to them - might just have been the bloke on the end of the phone but he was very helpful and open with info ... he volunteered that BMW will hook the car up to diagnostics when it's with them and the machine automatically connects to Germany. He said the computer compares certain files and will be able to tell if they have been altered, etc + the computer automatically puts a marker on the BMW system to the effect it has been modified.

I know this has been talked about before but this is the first time I have had this info from a remapper ... and voluntarily given too !! I was impressed at their honesty ... just not so the 800 price

I may well use them as they are reputable and straight with me. I just won't be using them until after my warranty ends !