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Originally Posted by nodleecyrb
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Well just my .02 cents i feel that 4 meth injectors in the intercooler is not a solution. Many people have had a lot of trouble with shivs PWM meth kits over time.

I know shiv and HPF have talked to eachother before obviously and i feel if shiv incorporated HPF intake manifold to there car and had port methanol injection into all 6 cylinders with say a aquamist kit that provides the best atomization then shiv would have no questions from me.

Also im just waiting to see the fueling upgrade on his car.

Yes it run a BUNCH of miles and all and it seems great 630whp is a ton of hp on a rear wheel drive application .

I believe 10s will easily be broken by this kit especially if RBs best pass was a 11.1, we just have to wait for shiv to do the pass since he knows the car best. NLS and the 2 step could be really hard to work with for someone who never driven with it

But id really like to see HPFs manifold incorporated into a Vishnu single turbo and just leave the intercooler alone, then id buy it for a lot of money. Im sure their is endless R&D in this kit but i just want it to be simple and run good number not a crazy setup, like running 4 meth injectors into the intercooler. For rhe price tag these kits cost i just want to make sure everything is right!!! And not just throw together. Im trying to spend my money wisely!

shiv's PWM kit uses aquamist hardware, so the whole "best atomization" applies to the PWM kit, as well. people with PWM kit issues? like who? i bet most errors are caused by the user and/or install.

port methanol injection isn't that great of an idea, IMO. for one thing, the tmap sensor is pre-throttle body, which means the IAT's won't be affected by the meth injection, as far as the engine knows. proper atomization can't take place if you're injecting meth right into the intake ports.

hpf's manifold is a joke. there were several members trying to tell them that they needed proper oxygen sensor placement in the manifold to separate the 2 banks, but they didn't do it, and it caused big problems with the tuning. their "fix" looked like a big ghetto rig.
You definitely misunderstood what i said, no where did i mention HPF exhaust manifold ?

But if you want to go there ive spoken to people who where a couple of the first people with Shivs pwm kit and always have problems with it. Im sure it works great when it works.

Im sure HPF divided the manifold just to get the car running, if you havnt seen the intake manifold that they produce that holds up to 1000 whp then your sadly mistaken.

I like to see more than one company produce the kit to see the best kits come out,
Like full races hardware kit. Shiv has done something great an really pushed the platform but it is in no way the end to singles and he will not be the only one. I really want to see these other kits to his and see what he says, i know there trying to make a lot of sale but a piggyback tune still does not put me at ease for a kit this expensive.

I dont know IMO i still just feel like this kit is great but could have problems when not installed by shiv and fftec themselves. I just want a flash or manual boost control for the car to make things as simple as possible especially with the fact that so many things could go wrong with this kit. Then you would be fucked, and for us on the east coast its not like shiv can come look at our car