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Originally Posted by KevinJ View Post
I have the same setup and options except I was one month short of getting BMW Apps. They also didn't give me free SAT for a year. I was able to still get BMW Apps another way aftermarket.

I can tell you that the 335is after adaptation sets in or something else is happening it can be a little un-settling with the power loss. I don't think I'm getting to use to the power. It feels like the 335is is 30 HP short of where it needs to be.

When it was new I was thinking it had to much power and easy to spin the wheels (likely from new tires and new engine) and light pressure on the gas would deliver the power. Now one year later and only 8k miles the gas peddle is a little slushy and you have to go deeper into the peddle. Also when it was new highway passing was a breeze. Same thing now it will lag after going into kick down and rev and make noise but there isn't that linear boost of power anymore.

One thing you can do if you want more exhaust noise is disconnect the exhaust valve control which is behind the left tail light from inside the trunk. Then find a nice tunnel and do a run. Incredible to have both pipes open.

I'm thinknig of going the software route also, maybe Dinan for the warranty.
Interesting. My 335is 6MT is stock with 10K+ miles and I have not experienced any drop in power like you mention. It feels as quick as when it was new and still manages to break traction in 2nd when you're at the right rpm for overboost and you floor it. May want to get it checked if you think the powerloss is considerable and it's not just you getting used to it.