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Originally Posted by Jeef Beef View Post
Are people still going on about how awesome a 200 dollar voltage amplifier is?

FYI I've driven a sprintboosted car (which is exactly the same thing) and to be honest, it was a piece of shit relative to how much it cost. A voltage amplifier is a god damn voltage amplifier. Slapping a fancy name on it doesn't make it suddenly 'awesome' for those who have 'tried it'. It merely changes the electrical signal so the bottom half of your pedal travel becomes useless. It's like installing a new tap that requires a bit less rotation for the same amount of water flow, and then telling everyone OMG GUYS THIS THING WILL MAKE YOUR TAP FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

I got news for you mate, you got pulled in to buy this product and the person selling these products is making a fortune. If it was 10 bucks then I'd just pass it off as a gimmick but it's 20 times that price.

As long as you know that and you're still happy about it, I got nothing more to say. I'm just here to stop you misinforming any prospective buyers on how great this POS is.
This crap coming from a guy who drives a BMW and has plenty of overpriced mods in his sig?

C'mon, you know as much about paying more than things actually cost to produce as the rest of us, based simply on our brand of car!

Fact is, if you can't make it yourself, you pay the going rate if you want one. If you can make it, you sell them and make some money. This isn't unique to throttle controllers, it goes for all the overpriced crap we put on our cars.