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Angry Key Fob issue? receiver maybe?

So here is the story... my car (2007 328i coupe) has always been solid and reliable the whole time I owned it up til I replaced the front windshield at about 72k before my 3500 mile road trip.. fortunately insurance covered most of it and I only paid 100 bucks out of pocket... unfortunately it wasn't a factory windshield and wished I got a OE windshield.

Ever since the day I picked up my car i've had random issues with unlocking the doors with the fob. This is a sporatic problem and happens 25-35% of the time I try to open my car with the fob. I sit outside the car clicking the fob over and over til about 5-8 sec it decides to open after the 10th click or so. Oddly the trunk always opens on the first click...just not the doors.

I've had it at the dealer "seattle" about 3 times for this issue and "bellevue" 1 time for this issue. Everyone doesn't know what is wrong. Seattle said it was my tint in the back window (no metal)... so not the tint I told them. No way! It happened LONG after i tinted my car. I asked both dealers where the antenna for the reciever is, neither gave me a solid answer. I think it has to do with the front windshiled...either that or its a strange coincidence that it started happening the first time i opened by car after the windshield was installed.

Any idea? is the antenna in the front or back window? if the back? where? and what might cause this random issue?

i've tried Both fobs and no differences. seems to be more a receiver thing i'd imagine.

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