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3 Series Convertible Seats

I have recently bought a new 335I convertible which I am loving. Only issue is I'm 6'4" (which I think is 193cm's) and I am struggling with the seat adjustments.
The problem is my shoulders hit the head rest and I am unable to adjust the headrest height to allow my back and shoulders to fit into the seat and then my head to rest against the headrest.
When I test drove the car I thought this would be tolerable, however I would like to be able to raise the headrest 2 or 3 inches.
In the manual it points out that the convertible seat has no height adjustment for the headrest. However if you look at the "bracket" that attaches the headrest to the seat (along with the seatbelt) it appears to have the ability to slide up and down but the whole bracket is a solid plate of steel.
Can anyone help? I am hoping I can get BMW to solve the problem in the workshop. Has anyone had a similar problem and solved it...