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Water Pump failure. Any experience? Cost?

My water pump died. I think its the water pump.

1. Driving down I-5 highway. Engine temperature light comes on. Yellow. 10 seconds later, it turns Red. Limp Mode.
2. I turn back and go to near-by BMW dealership. They topped off the coolant. They said it was very low.
3. Got back on the highway, engeine temperature light comes on. Yellow. Then Red. Limp mode.
4. Had to drive couple miles and parked. Cooled down, start the engine. Same thing happens. I shut off.
5. An hour later, I try to start the car, and battery was dead.

According to some research I've done, it seems like its the electric water pump failure. My questions are,

1. Did I damage anything else? Which components can be potentially damaged due to failed water pump?
2. How large is my repair bill going to be?

I already spent $600 towing the damn car back home and to the dealership.
If I'm looking at $1000+ repair bill, I'm selling this car.
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