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Originally Posted by luster View Post
You should see how many people get sucked in to luxury cars, they are just metal boxes with a motor in it. Can get them from china for just a few hundred bucks, but people are willing to pay more than $50 000 for them!

People be soooo stupid.

Same as people who buy proactive and clearasil, its just benzine peroxide and distilled water!
That argument is a complete fallacy. Luxury cars offer increased functionality (whether that's worth it is a completely different issue) over their Chinese counterparts. There is also an inherent societal 'image' with owning a luxury car. These are all intangible benefits that people value.

The piece of shit $200 voltage amplifier you are trying to pawn off offers absolutely no increased functionality over essentially what you can do with your right foot. Or if you REALLY don't like moving your foot, a $5 amplifier.

I've heard good things about the D-TUK tune so I'm standing by that product.

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