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Originally Posted by mobilejo View Post
This crap coming from a guy who drives a BMW and has plenty of overpriced mods in his sig?

C'mon, you know as much about paying more than things actually cost to produce as the rest of us, based simply on our brand of car!

Fact is, if you can't make it yourself, you pay the going rate if you want one. If you can make it, you sell them and make some money. This isn't unique to throttle controllers, it goes for all the overpriced crap we put on our cars.
Driving a BMW doesn't mean I like paying for things that are essentially a way for sellers to rip me off. I know exactly what I'm buying and what the parts do. Pretty much all of them offer a tangible performance benefit. None of them are 200 dollars worth of right foot movement.

The problem is people seem to be making the pedalbox out to be more than what it is with the OMG MY CAR IS COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED comments.

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