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I'll respond in a but more detail later, but basically I'd suggest spending a few hours (or many many many hours) reading up on aero. Also spending time with some local aerodynamicists will help for some q & a. Some of this stuff doesn't seem logical until you get a full understanding of what is actually happening. to sum it up- making the underbody smooth and flat accelerates air. Accelerated air = lower pressure, lower pressure literally sucks the car down to the ground. please note- this ONLY works when you have a full and complete underbody system. Just slapping on a diffuser will yield 180lbs of downforce and only ~20lbs of drag (yes this is what i spend a full night testing)

Again- check out the stats of your APR wing. Unless it's a dynamic wing (meaning itll flip up to the highest aoa for braking) it's effects aren't going to be ultra impressive. It will certainly help, and definitely give a very noticeable improvement in "stability" throughout the entire track... And whilst it will improve confidence and consequently laptimes, it is not due to substantial downforce...especially if you're running it at 0*

Check out some of the f1 technical forums, corner carvers, and some of the long journals available in PDF form... That'll help get going. Please don't think I'm just a nay sayer for wings... I have a decent level of experience with an EvoX going from stock wing to a static to a dynamic Aeromotions wing, and it was certainly a nice bump in confidence and a huge improvement in braking (only the dynamic) but nothing compared to actually sucking the car to the ground from underneath. While the ER 135 might look cool, I can spot quite a few things that are flawed. To be fair, they probably weren't going for a complete aero system, rather just the "basics". The wing alone is not nearly as effective as it could be given the placement. If you truly want your wing to WORK, check out the DTM cars and alms cars and see how they have the wing off the rear of the car. When I do a wing, I'll be doing it the most effective and worthwhile way.

Mike- when you get a chance, can you do me a favor and snap some pictures of how you have your main hoop attached to the floor? I'll be doing a similar roll bar soon and am curious to see how you've attached yours.


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