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Originally Posted by HVYWGHT View Post
Hi guys,
I'm getting a 328i Sport Wagon with the sport package so it'll have the 17x8 front and 17x8.5 rear wheels with performance tires. I really prefer all-seasons (currently have the Bridgestone RE960 AS 3rd Gen RFTs and they're a huge improvement over the standrad RFTs). Ideally, I'd just by a set of the above tires and put them on the new rims. Is it okay to run all-seasons in a staggered set-up? All of my prior cars have been square. I assume it's okay.

Also, with the TPMS (my 2006 E90 doesn't have them), they just change the tires as the sensors are on the wheels, right? Nothing else required?

Thank you for your help.
I'm just curious - what did you actually consider would be a problem by changing from summers to all-seasons in the exact same tire size?