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Smoke on start up


Had a couple of leaking injectors replaced recently, one of the symptoms was a puff of black smoke on start up.

However, now the injectors have been replaced Iím left with a puff of blue / white smoke on cold start up. This only happens after the cars been sat for 7-8 hours plus and clears instantly, seems the black smoke from un burnt fuel was masking something more sinister.

It's only been 7 months since the head was rebuilt and the valve seals we're replaced as part of the re-con, all done by Darren Wood so i'm 100% confident itís not that.

What are the other possibilities, turbo seals? The car runs great and Iím only getting the smoke for a split second on start up. If it was turbo seals would I not have more smoke, like on idle etc? Iím 80k FBOís on stock turboís so itís feasible that they might be on their way out!!

Alternatively, could this be anything to do with a blocked PCV maybe?