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Originally Posted by ZTZ1010 View Post
i think he chimed in simply to address Chris' claim that there had been no previous XI problems on the dyno.
Zach, what I claimed was that there were no other "BMW's having AWD issues on our dyno" and this was absolutely the first. There have obviously been issues on our dyno related to BMW's, including the 335xi on the Audi Dyno day. Joe was driving the car that day, and I was sitting passenger, the car continued to throw a Fuel Pump error code (Which I believe was the 2AFF Fuel Pump Plausibility). Along with the 4x4 Code we were getting, we had two other cars with misfire issues, one had just come from the dealer directly to the dyno day, and the other was having issues driving up to the dyno day, but no misfires during the dyno pulls.

Positive Note: It sounds like the dyno day was a great day, unfortunately I got called into work so I was not able to put my car back on your rollers again. (I have been dyno'd there with each stage of my car to properly judge the gains) I look forward to the next one you guys hold!
It was a good day, we had a lot of fun!

- Chris