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Originally Posted by Agent11br View Post
Dang you got lucky then, I just saw that on there. I used part #'s from a thread back in '08-09, where they talked about it being just like the driver's side with the panel you could just pop/cut off... not so in my case. I'll post pics in a diff thread at some point. It sucked but I achieved what I wanted... all black non rock shipped lower grilles

Not sure if you have installed yet, but I have pulled my bumper 2-3 times now and the easiest way to do it is popping off your front wheels. Makes the two bolts up by the headlight a cinch to get in and out.
I just used the install guide from

I had a helper hold back the plastic liner with the wheel turned all the way to the side and it was not to hard.
wow, it's not dirty.