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Originally Posted by rkan View Post
When i test fitted it the very outside edge screw holes where about a half inch off. I finally got up the nerve to push on the lip so hard that i thought i would implode my bumper and that allowed me to barely get a screw tip in at an extreme angle and leverage it in with 45 degree pressure and a socket wrench. Once that was in the other side was worse. I then worked it with a heat gun for 45 minutes trying to get the ends to go somewhere near my bumper. I would heat up the end, watch it conform to the bumper and as it was cooling it would pull away again. So I heated it and held it with a gloved hand with the heat gun on cool and it made it a little better. I am going to need a CRAP LOAD of 3m tape to get this looking half way right.

Caveat emptor.
This sounds exactly like my experience. I also tried to heat the lip in different areas and try to force it in but instead I gave up and just drilled new outer holes to get it fit. That's how I ended up with it not matching the fender walls. As I was reading your review I was having horrible flashbacks. I'm sorry someone else had to go through this. Since I'm not in a hurry I'm fishing around for someone to sell their OEM or used PROVEN good fitment lip.