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Wow, rude people. I'm sorry Beth on their behalf.

As some said earlier, you are within the n54 classified engine. Which, is the twin turbo. Whereas, we are the twin scroll "single" turbo.
Anyways, someone also recommended that you get Cobb Accessport (AP). This will be an easier device for you to fiddle with and will be much more beneficial. We, n55 people, do not have this for our car yet.

With this, you will not need to get any other modifications. No exhaust, downpipe, intake, etc. But, if you do choose to do so in the future, you can change the maps accordingly. Let's say you get downpipes and dual cone intakes, then you can UP the map to take advantage of your mods. Either way this will add enough "Horsepower."
In the end you will be able to achieve 80 give or take... Depending on what else you want to throw in.

But, definitely lurk around the n54 section and see. They have a load of info. Many people will have biased opinions about Cobb, JB4, and Proceed. So, make sure you load up on a lot of info. These tunes will not be hard to install and uninstall.
If you can simply get under the hood with some tools and follow directions and YouTube videos yourself, then you're good. But, it's also nothing you can take to an Indy shop to install either. They can do it easily.

As far as harming your engine, don't worry. First of all you've got an 07. You've got plenty of other things to worry about than a tune. It won't do much to harm your car.
Make sure you check with your dealer if they're mod friendly. Otherwise, uninstalling it can be reversible pretty easily.

I've been typing this whole thing on an iPhone ha!
Hopefully this will clear some things up and sorry again for people not providing you info, but I never had an n54 myself, this is all info inhab just acquired from being on here so much.

Best of luck,

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