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Originally Posted by hemi to e90 View Post
nicely worded response sickem, much more, idk, calm and patient than i would be.

ive modded 5 current gen cars at this point, mods are risky. you shouldnt want to deflect said risk just to cover your ass when something goes wrong.
well we just have different styles I guess!

Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
naive maybe, and i completely agree that BMW has better things to do then go from tuner to tuner & determine wats "safe", but BMW isnt ignorant and currently endorses a selective few aftermarket performance companies. Alpina specifically comes to mind, especially since you can go into a BMW dealer and purcahse the alpina b7.

bmw has also gotten into the aftermarket business by offering "bmw performance" parts, specifically things like exhaust, intake & even tune upgrades, so IMO the aftermarket-trend is starting to have such a significant impact that even the production companies are giving it more attention w/ specific models (1, 3 & M cars).
well they do have the PPK for the 335i but it is a very conservative tune and is quite expensive IMO for what it is...Dinan is a third party that does essentially void your warranty - it's just that since you pay a 1000% premium for it they give you a warranty on their own!

something else just occured to me from a marketing standpoint. if BMW offered too many mods for the 335...not as many people would be likely to buy an M3...this is just my theory - I have no proof that this is part of their thought process but it could be. Notice that the 335is, both in price and performance, is just slightly below that of its E92/3 M3 cousin...they are very good at marketing, that's why a sucker like me has spent half his morning on this silly board instead of doing my work!!!

I don't think Alpina is a good example since that is a super luxo version and anyone buying that is not worried about incidental repair costs and they sell a few hundred globally. Anyways I see your point and understand where you are coming from. I think it just comes down to a risk assessment on BMW's part...they figure the profit they'd make from modders like us doesn't justify the risks they would take working on our cars with these highly enjoyable (but fickle) mods! Cheers.
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