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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
naive maybe, and i completely agree that BMW has better things to do then go from tuner to tuner & determine wats "safe", but BMW isnt ignorant and currently endorses a selective few aftermarket performance companies. Alpina specifically comes to mind, especially since you can go into a BMW dealer and purcahse the alpina b7.

bmw has also gotten into the aftermarket business by offering "bmw performance" parts, specifically things like exhaust, intake & even tune upgrades, so IMO the aftermarket-trend is starting to have such a significant impact that even the production companies are giving it more attention w/ specific models (1, 3 & M cars).
okay, alpina, isnt a good example of aftermarket, the only reason we have an b7 here is because bmw wont build an m7. thats changing now.

also alpina, isnt "aftermarket". its very integrated with bmw, but offers a warranty through them (this is in europe). the example is just invalid as a comparison here, because their pricing structure builds in a cash float for any warranty work in the future should bmw invalidate for aftermarket products. your burger tuning or vishnu doesnt do that. dinan does. compare pricing and you see the same trend. how long as dinan been pimped at bmw dealerships?

bmw has offered "performance" parts for a while, but they technically dont go with the warranty of it, its under accessory warranty, slightly different.