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Originally Posted by BiscottiGelato View Post
I don't understand why all these complaint with low hp/torque. Find me a car that is FR with more HP that costs within 10% of this thing. Do we even know the 0-60 number of this thing?
I agree... this car has NO competition whatsoever, it's unique. Period. It's that good.

I absolutely love the whole concept of it even the NA engine. What I'm saying is that the concept could be enhanced even further by the addition of FI to the boxer engine, and NOT because of max power BUT because of low to mid range torque.

I would gladly trade max power for a significantly increase in torque across a wider rpm band (without compromising emissions standards, even enhancing them) because that's what makes for the perceived engine power output in a daily commute. I own a 1M and due to the massive torque available way down low in the RPM range, appropriately matched with tall gears, I don't need to rev the engine to maximum rpm to find myself saying everyday 'WOW... this thing really kick ass!!!'

I now start to realize that Subaru must go the engine downsizing route also. To put it all into perspective, under the Toyobaru's hood a boxer engine version of the late Audi inline four 1.8 TFSI engine is all is needed :

Only 170 hp... but constant form 3800 to 6200 rpm! And more importantly, 236.02 lb-ft... Yes, 236.02 lb-ft of torque from 1400 to 3700 rpm!!! (Mind you, my former Cayman with 265 hp only had 221 lb-ft of max torque @ 4.400 - 6.000 rpm from a NA 2.9-liter engine)

Like the Toyota's proprietary D4-S fuel injection system in the Toyobaru's boxer engine that combines direct injection and port injection:

"Combustion behavior was a particular focus of the development work. In addition to FSI direct injection, the 1.8 TFSI also uses indirect injection. This system injects the fuel at the end of the intake manifold near the tumble valves, where it is swirled intensively with the air. Indirect injection is used in the part-load range. It reduces fuel consumption and particulate emissions to such an extent that the four-cylinder engine already complies with the limits of the future Euro 6 standard, which does not enter into force until 2015.

The rail pressure of the FSI system has been increased from 150 to 200 bar. The direct injection system is active when starting off and at higher loads. It can perform two or three individual injection operations per work cycle.


Engine weight has been reduced from 135 to 131.5 kilograms (297.62 to 289.91 lb).


The innovative thermal management of the four-cylinder engine features a new fully electronic coolant regulation system.


Switchable valves throughout the cooling system manage heat flows between the engine, the heat exchanger for the transmission and the cabin. All together, the thermal management system reduces the CO2 emissions of the 1.8 TFSI by around 2.5 g per 100 km (4.02 g/mile).

This concept benefited from the integration of the exhaust manifold into the water-cooled cylinder head. Because this also reduces the exhaust gas temperature, it is not necessary with the 1.8 TFSI to enrich the mixture at full load, which reduces fuel consumption significantly when driving sportily.

The turbocharger in the 1.8 TFSI is also an all-new design that develops the high relative boost pressure of up to 1.3 bar very systematically. Key features include a turbine wheel made from a new alloy that can withstand exhaust temperatures of up to 980 degrees Celsius"

Innovation engine: The new 1.8 TFSI

BTW, enriching the mixture at high load to reduce exhaust gas temperature (which can reach above 1000 degrees Celsius - not good for turbine blades) and also to reduce spool time are the two main reasons why I find my 1M not so-fuel efficient (and why I like superchargers)... the third, and a VERY important one, is aerodynamics... the car best resembles a fridge with four wheels, especially if it is AW... like mine.

Fortunately, the Toyobaru has the stance of a cat (instead of the bulldog like 1M).

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