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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
F80 M3

Factually incorrect? Tri-turbo, just like whether or not the engine will be a straight 6 of v6, its all speculation. As of right now, there really are NO facts -- For all we know the next M3 coupe might be rebranded the M4 (I hope to God that it won't be).

I also never said it was going to be an N54, my comparison was that it would be a bit foolish for BMW to have to two (one in the 335i & one in the next M3) twin-turbo'd six cylinder engines in the same model range.
i dont its foolish at all. i think its the wave of the future, how else are we going to get around these insane emission / efficiency regulations?

mercedes is already a step ahead of bmw imho, with the new 550 motor and the new 5.5TT AMG motor.

granted, i only say this cause i dont like the sdrive 50i motor, at all. but im anxious to hear about the new m5 motor.