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Originally Posted by ak47firepower View Post
To access the screw, you need to pull the rubber flap up to expose it. A rubber grommet on the rubber flap covers the hole. Taking the screw out is tricky, as it comes out at an angle to the keylock mechanism. You don't need to actually take out the screw. Just loosen it all the way. You will need to pull and wiggle on the lock assembly from the outside quite hard to pull out the entire lock mechanism. Once you got the assembly out, make sure you don't pull on the door handles too hard or close the door. If you pull on the door handles too hard they may disengage and then it might be tricky to put it back. You can now decide whether you want to put the lock cylinder into your new keyhole cover or leave it without one.

If you want to remove the lock cylinder there are 2 clips that keep it in place. Use a flathead screw driver to pull them up to get the cylinder out. Put the lock cylinder into the new keyhole cover and put the entire assembly back in. Remember to align the screw at an angle to the threads on the keyhole cover and screw in. Replace the rubber grommet on the flap into the screw hole and you're done.

It should take about 15-20 minutes or so. Good luck! door handle disengaged.....any idea how to re-engage it?