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UPDATE: Got the car back from the Dealership.

Well, it will go back to the dealership tomorrow. GODDAMN IT.
BMW dealerships tend to not get it right at once when it comes to complicated problems.

1. Got the car back. They said the coolant was low. Also, the battery was dead, and I mean like completely expired, which I expected. They checked the water pump and for leaks, and found water pump working completely fine and everything was good. Paid $450 for the check-ups and battery replacement. At this point, I'm out $1075.00 for this problem.

2. As I start up the car in the dealership, I notice the fan running REAL loud. I said to myself, "Oh please don't do this". Well, I drove off anyway.

3. Extremely happy to have my car back, I put my car in manual mode. Noticed it won't rev-up high, it just upshifts by itself. Uh-oh, this is bad. Thought it might be software reset issue, just drove off anyway.

4. Few minutes later.................................... SAME SHIT. Orange temperature warning light, followed by Red light. Limp mode again.

5. Called the dealership (at this time, I was trying to calm the F down), but they said service department closed 10 minutes ago.

So here is the strange part.

One. "Coolant was low, so it was topped off".
-This is strange, because 2 days ago when it first happened, I topped off the coolant at the other dealership. (As mentioned in my very first post) But these guys said coolant was low again?? Something leaking here?

Two. The loud fan when I first got the car back.
-It was very very loud. Trust me, I'm a bit more mechanically inclined than an average person, and that was not just fan running a bit more during the idle due to the heat. Keep in mind, I had this problem before (This was before 50k miles under warranty, now I have 80k miles). My engine was over-heating, and had to visit the dealership 3 times for the same problem. At the end, they said it was faulty fan and it was covered under warranty.

So............ What the hell is going on?
Where did the damn coolant go just after less than 10 miles of driving? Thermostat failure? Fan failure?
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