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Originally Posted by rfx45 View Post
These guys got 6.2sec in 0-60.

MotorTrend got 6.4secs in 0-60.
You guys gotta watch some of these videos and what the commentaries are saying before bitching at the torque and HP.

Something seems to be wrong with the Edmund launches when compared to the Motortrend launch. It sounds like they launch at a lower rev or something as the tire screeched for much less. Official numbers-wise, we know that nobody really cares. And one'd have to know better than to compare Toyota/Subaru official numbers to Mini official numbers. If anything I'd compare numbers from the same magazine for the 2 cars.

6.4s on Prius ECO tires, that's exceptionally fast. If people really want straight-line speed, I bet you a good couple tenths can be shaved just by going with stickier rubbers to put more power down off the line.

In regards to practical day to day usage. I used to drive a 1994 Honda Accord, which is some 100hp or something ridiculous like that. I never had any complaint in straight line speed in daily driving. Downshift and get into the power band. Why be afraid of rev?

But regardless. This car is not about numbers. It's about fun, it's about driver improvement. Buy a Mustang or a Mazdaspeed 3 or whatever if power and torque is what one wants. It just isn't what it's about.
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