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Originally Posted by garytc78 View Post
I've just done this and their are only 2 types both are bi xenon meaning that the headlight and flash are done by the same bulb,
the adaptive ones are a pita because you need to upgrade some thingymabob to make them work (they turn when you turn your wheel)
I bought some lights cheap that didn't have the standard ballast or bulbs so it has an aftermarket hid kit but instead of the rubbish
H7 bulbs you get i've some d2s bulbs witch is basically the same as the d1s bulbs you should have.
It is basically plug and play but to get the bi xenon to work you need to bridge a few wires in the connector block, I haven't done this yet but
I will let you know how this goes when I do it.
I have retro fitted OEM Xenons (Pre LCI) on mine, and they're not Bi Xenon....