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Originally Posted by sunwest View Post
I used to own a BMW 330D Coupe SE 57 plate remapped from 231 ps to 290ps and 500 ft/lb of torque, the difference was massive. It really pulled like a train from 1800 rpm.
Now I got a 58 plate 330D MSPORT LCI 245ps, the car as standard (I think it is standard?) pulls so much more than my 57 plate. It feels more than 245ps maybe 260ps+, you can defo feel the difference between 6.7s to 6.1s to 62mph as claimed by BMW.

I spoke to Jason about possibly remapping my car but since it is highly likely that the remap can't be done by the OBD port and directly on the ECU, it may be a bit more annoying if BMW detects it or erase it!

I just know that if a remap is done, it will be a beast! Unless I happen to find out that it was already mapped to 290 bhp+
I have driven every BMW diesel in the 3 series since 2004 .... and the new 245ps engine is far keener than the earlier versions - more oomph everywhere - especially low down. I was looking at a remap but I enjoy it as it is TBH ... and value a warranty !!