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Originally Posted by David1 View Post
30 pounds is huge especially out back and acts like a counter weight out back. Adding weight in this car doesn't help handling especially going around a corner on track at 100 plus. Been there done that. That 30ish pound sub I had in my old S2000 (it was placed in the tool well in the trunk) added a full second to my lap times at Beaverun. As you can tell, I am more for weight reduction, not adding. I have gotten past my audiophile phase of time and I use to be really into it back in the day adding loots and lots of weight. At that time I like Bazooka tubes since they were not to heavy. Now if I can make myself loos 20-30!
Points well taken, and if this were going to be a dedicated track car I wouldn't even be considering this, but on my DD there have to be compromises. Realistically the corner mounted sub would be somewhere under 20 lbs, the rest of the weight would be in the amp that would be where the Sirius module normally goes. The added weight on that side of the trunk will be countered by the meth reservoir that I'm planning on putting on the driver's side. Frankly, I was thinking shifting the weight balance rearward might help overcome my xi's stubborn predisposition towards understeer

The e92 is kind of a frustrating platform for integrating quality bass since there is nowhere to put a sub in the cabin and no passthrough to the trunk. I don't think I'll ever outgrow my "audiophile phase"...if anything, I'm getting more into it with age. One of the primary, if not principle, motivators for trading my Evo X in for the Bimmer was the cabin noise on the highway.
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